WHAT? Obama Claims the American Economy is PRETTY DARN GREAT (VIDEO)

Obama Economy Great

Obama is not living in reality. He has no idea how harshly his horrible economic policies have affected average Americans. On Friday, he actually called our economy “pretty darn great.”

Truth Revolt reported:

Obama Hails Economy as Great

While 90 million Americans are still out of the workforce, President Barack Obama hailed Friday’s jobs numbers as “pretty darn great.” Obama made the comments on news that 242,000 jobs were created in February.

CNBC reported that the labor market has expanded as more people began looking for work, a positive sign in the economy but not enough to reverse the years-long growth in those that had given up looking for work, artificially lowering the unemployment rate.

Watch the video:


During Democrat debates, even Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have said that we need to get the economy working again, an admission that Obama has failed.

What is he talking about?


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