Newt Gingrich: Trump-Hating GOP Elites “Functionally Supporting Hillary Clinton”… Be Honest About It (VIDEO)

Newt Gingrich delivers a wake-up call to the Beltway elites. It’s going to be either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. Get over it!
newt erickson dump trump

Newt also lambastes the #DumpTrump Republicans including Erick Erickson who are “functionally supporting Hillary Clinton.”

Here’s what the old-line Washington establishment doesn’t get. They’re are only two candidates who can be nominated for president, one is Ted Cruz, the other is Donald Trump. The best way fro Cruz to become the nominee, and he understands this and he’s working very hard at it, is to defeat Donald Trump in the primaries. Let’s say Cruz wins enough contests that Donald Trump comes up short. That doesn’t mean there’s going to be another candidate. So the establishment gets to choose, do you want Ted Cruz who’s an outsider or do you want Donald Trump who’s an outsider? But there’s not going to be a third candidate… Do the fact becomes, one of these two outsiders is going to be nominated. And anybody who tries to sneak in at the last minute without competing would find both Trump and Cruz opposed to them. And they would simply be crushed. These two guys are going to have nearly 80% of the delegates between them…

I’m not sympathetic at all to the Erick Ericksons of the world. If they want to form the “Let’s Elect the Hillary Clinton Club” fine, but they ought to be honest about it. Any effort to help anyone but the Republican nominee helps Hillary Clinton. And if you think giving Hillary Clinton the Supreme Court, having Hillary Clinton run our foreign policy, having Hillary Clinton support the unions to continue to ruin our children and schools, if you think that’s acceptable then do it. But Erick Erickson is not playing a risk-free game. It’s not like there’s some pure middle way. If he does not support the Republican nominee, he is functionally supporting Hillary Clinton.

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