New York Street Performer Dressed As Trump Allows You to Punch Him for $5 – Pee on Him for $300

trump performer
For a fee pedestrians can beat or pee on the Trump street performer. (New York Daily News)

A New York street performer dressed as Donald Trump will allow you to punch him for $5 and pi$$ on him for $300.
Somebody needs to get this to Megyn Kelly!
The New York Daily News reported:

If you’ve ever wanted to beat up Donald Trump, here’s your chance.

A New York street performer dressed as the bombastic billionaire is letting passersby punch, trample and even urinate on him — for a small fee, of course.

Activist artist Kalan Sherrard, 28, took to Union Square Thursday dressed in a suit and Trump mask and offered up a full menu of assaults.

A chance to punch the Trump-esque artist’s gut will cost you $5. You can “trample” the GOP frontrunner’s doppelganger for $10 and “throttle” him for $7, although the performer’s cardboard sign did not elaborate on how far aggressors could take those two terms.

For a whopping $300, a Trump-hater can pee on the tycoon.

And if you just want a picture with the candidate look-a-like? That’ll set you back $2.

If this clown really wanted to make money he’d dress like Obama.
Think of all the tourist money!


Hat Tip Leslie

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