Moms Demand Action Anti-Gun Groups Mock Christians & Disabled

MDA Rebecca CohenBloomberg’s Moms Demand Action thought it would be a good idea to post little cartoons of some of the things that pro gun advocates had to say at the hearing on Oregon’s HB 4147 last month, five weeks after the event took place.

The single-pane cartoon series was posted on the Moms Demand Action facebook page, but originated on Rebecca Cohen‘s twitter feed, @design_a_hole, and featured swipes at Christians and disabled people missing digits (not sure if her twitter handle is a reference to designing holes, or she’s calling herself an a-hole who designs).

Let’s take a look at a few of these comic drawings!

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In this first one, Cohen and the other clucking hens mock a testifier pointing out one of the many flaws in the background check system, specifically as it pertains to the ATF form 4473 and the requirement that thumbprints be collected by the Federal Firearms Licensed dealer conducting the sale. The man speaking asks what an FFL is supposed to do when a potential gun buyer has no thumbs. The Moms Demand Action crowd immediately laughs at this and ridicules the basis of the argument, while completely ignoring the fact that there are, indeed, disabled shooters who are missing digits, hands, and even entire arms, such as Hunter Cayll, aka Nubbs (missing both hands), Graeme Foote, aka Amputee Shooter (missing one hand), and this guy here who fires a .45 pistol with his feet because he’s missing BOTH his arms.

Not content with only poking fun at disabled people, they turn their attention to ridiculing God and Christians.

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As if that weren’t enough, Cohen then turns her attention to one Dan Sandini, who made the case that gun control bills, such as these, were pro rape, and said “Sometimes communism wears orange”, in reference to the Moms Demand Action orange shirted theme. Cohen and Shannon Watts attempt to mock him over these statements.

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“I stand by my statements” says Sandini, curator of the Daylight Disinfectant YouTube channel. “I’ve been to Moscow, shortly after the USSR collapsed. I met with people there, I’ve been in their houses. Disarming the public was one of the first things that had to be done in order for the communists to gain control.”

On top of that, the chief sponsor of the bill, Jennifer Williamson, really has been linked to defending child molesters and advocating for lighter sentences for rapists and other violent offenders.

Rebecca Cohen herself made some rather absurd statements at this hearing, comparing background checks to cancer screenings and kindergarten teachers.

One can’t help but wonder why Cohen and the rest of the moms demanding attention were reduced to drawing little cartoons, rather than pulling out the actual video from the hearing, which took place February 4th, 2016. And why was there more than a month delay from the hearing to when this came out? Why didn’t these come out sooner, and before the legislature adjourned for the year?

Perhaps it’s because so many of their own people testified using lies, conflicting data, and other inaccurate statements, such as Ceasefire Oregon’s Penny Okamoto and the aforementioned state representative Jennifer Williamson.

This isn’t their first attack on the disabled. Moms Demand Action has flipped out before over legally blind people having guns, in 2013 after Iowa started issuing conceal permits to blind residents, and more recently over Georgia doing the same. I guess they think the most vulnerable people should be barred from self defense.

The gun control bill that was being deliberated on, HB 4147, later died in committee on the Senate side.


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