Missouri High School Counselor Wears Hijab to School to Show Acceptance to Islam (VIDEO)

A Missouri guidance counselor is wearing a hijab to school on Mondays to show solidarity with Muslim women. It’s her way of showing acceptance to Islam.
devries headscarf

And she’s counseling schoolchildren in Missouri.

DeVries has made Facebook friends with Muslim people all over the world interested in her story.

The Daily Wire reported:

Martha DeVries, 47, a high school guidance counselor from Missouri and wife of a Christian youth pastor, has decided to wear a hijab every Monday to school in solidarity with Muslim women — who are forced to wear the garment for reasons of mandated modesty — and in hopes of combating “anti-Muslim” rhetoric she claims is coming from Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.

Of course, DeVries’ cute little stunt only helps to perpetuate oppression of the women not fortunate enough to have a choice in the matter.

“I felt moved out of my comfort zone,” said DeVries after a “motivating” sermon which compelled her to gleefully wear the oppressive garment.

DeVries, citing her Christian faith, explained that it is not her “job to judge them” or “take on the establishment of the entire Islamic faith,” but to “love” Muslim women in her community by wearing the oppressive garment on one randomly selected day per week.

“I think of Muslims in my community as my neighbors and it’s not my job to judge them or determine their salvation,” she said. “My job is to love them… It’s not my intent to take on the establishment of the entire Islamic faith, it is my intent to say I stand with Muslim women in my community.”

“What’s a head scarf? It’s three yards of material, if even?” she asked with apparently no understanding of the significance of the mandated garment. “That shouldn’t separate me from someone whose humanity is so much like mine.”

Her husband Mike DeVries, a Christian youth pastor, fully supports his wife’s actions, saying her hijab-wearing was “kind of cool.”

Despite DeVries incongruous “good intent,” her casual wearing of a hijab in “solidarity” — an unfortunate common symptom of the regressive left’s obsession with double-standards and anti-Western cultural relativity — she neglects to see the glaring irony that she has a choice to put on the “cool” headscarf, and by doing so, helps perpetuate oppression. The others with whom she is “standing” are forced to wear the garment out of patriarchal codes of modesty, to the extent of having acid sprayed on their face for an improper fitting, or lack of such a garment.

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