Merkel’s Bombers=> SEVEN Terror Suspects Linked to Paris and Brussels Attacks Entered Europe as Syrian ‘Refugees’

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At least SEVEN of the Islamic terror suspects linked to the Paris and Brussels attacks entered Europe as Syrian refugees.

REFUGEE BOMBERS: Belcaid, Laachraoui, Al Hamed, Ayari, Abaaoud, 2 Paris attackers & now Kriket.

Bojan Pancevski is a journalist, author and EU correspondent for the Sunday Times.


Paris bomber Ahmad Almohammad entered Europe on a refugee raft with 198 others.
almohammad bomber
Suspected suicide bomber Ahmad Almohammad (right) reached Greece after crossing the Aegean from Turkey on a raft with 198 others. He given papers (left) so he could travel to Athens because officers believed he was a genuine refugee. (Daily Mail)

An alleged terror plot separately uncovered in France led to the arrest of Reda Kriket this week, a ISIS jihadist and former associate of Paris attacks ringleader Abdelhamid Abaaoud.

ISIS released a propaganda video of the nine Paris terrorists after the massacre in November.
They were in Syria beheading infidels before the Paris attacks.
isis paris
The footage of the nine terrorists was taken before they left for France to carry out the attacks. It delivers messages from each of the men,

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