Melissa Harris-Perry Compares Her Show Getting Canceled To WORKING AS A SLAVE (VIDEO)

Guest post by Aleister


Former MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry is obsessed with comparing her entire life to that of a black slave circa the 19th century.

** In February she compared illegal immigrants to slaves.
** Last May she said the NBA was all about “profit from the sales of black bodies.”

On ‘The View’ this week, she did it again.

Newsbusters reports:

Ex-MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry on Monday appeared on The View to level a racially charged attack against her former employer. Harris-Perry angrily declared that she would not be a “mammy” for the liberal cable channel. Regarding a leaked e-mail she sent to the crew of her show, Harris-Perry explained, “I’m an African-American politics scholar. So, when I say mammy, I mean something very particular.”

She added, “The history of mammy is that mammy is the black woman who cares more about the master’s family than about her own.” Explaining the explosive comparison to the slavery era, the ex-host continued, “What I’m saying is I don’t care more about MSNBC’s reputation than I do about [my show’s] family, about the thing that we built, about our viewing audience and about our team.”

Why is Melissa so enamored with pretending that she’s living the life of a slave?

Was she not paid for her work at MSNBC?

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