MORE MEDIA LIES=> Unhinged Maced Leftist Is NO VICTIM – Assaulted Elderly Trump Supporter In Unprovoked Attack

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Yesterday we reported on a young woman who punched an elderly man at the Janesville, WI Trump rally.

Even though the video clearly shows the woman throwing an unprovoked punch, many in the media and Ted Cruz’s #NeverTrump movement are dishonestly reporting on the incident in a way that portrays the young woman who punched an elderly man, as the victim of violent Trump supporters.

One of the worst offenders is Daily Mail:


Teenage anti-Trump protester is ‘sexually assaulted’ by one of his supporters and PEPPER SPRAYED at point blank range in shocking attack at a rally caught on video

Shocking video footage shows the teen – identified only as Alex – getting blasted by pepper spray that is held just inches from her face.

The young girl also claims that just prior to being sprayed she was groped by a man in the crowd and police confirmed they had received a complaint.

In their rush to paint “Alex” as a victim, dishonest media and NeverTrumpers are willing to destroy the reputation of a totally innocent elderly man, just to serve the narrative that Trump supporters are violent.

Flimmakers, Jeremy Segal and I were on the ground in Janesville reporting for when this incident occurred and today we’re releasing an eye witness report CONFIRMING that “Alex”, who was maced by a trump supporter, did in fact punch an elderly man in the face prior to taking a direct face shot of orange colored pepper spray.


In follow up phone conversations with the eye witness, Samantha Petty, we learned that the elderly man “NEVER touched the young woman who punched him.”

Samantha goes on to say she’s “outraged that people are lying about this and trashing an innocent man’s reputation.”

We spoke with Janesville Police Detectives who tell us that the elderly man in the video has not yet filed a complaint against “Alex”. Police are also looking to identify the person who sprayed “Alex” in the face with the mace.

Judging from the video and the eye witness reports, “Alex” is a violent leftist who needs to face justice for attacking an elderly man. Further, whoever maced young “Alex” is a hero. His quick thinking halted a violent leftist from further harming others in an incident of her on provoking.

Can you imagine if a Trump supporter was captured on video punchanged an elderly man at a Bernie rally?


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