Lou Dobbs: Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are DESPICABLE – ABSOLUTELY DISHONEST! (Video)

Lou Dobbs went off today on Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan after their attacks on GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

Dobbs blasted Romney and Ryan for their despicable and dishonest attacks on Trump.

Lou Dobbs: Who does Romney think he is? Romney is nothing more now, obviously than a tool of the ossified, far too entitled Republican establishment. A Washington cartel of K-Street and Wall Street lobbyists… The same cartel that has orchestrated two recent election losses. Most recently Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, both of whom have attacked Trump with greater energy than they ever mustered for President Obama for example… Romney spent 18 minutes savaging Trump in his speech in Salt Lake City… Meanwhile, the other half of hell’s ticket, Paul Ryan, now as usual is spewing cliches and distortion.

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