MASSIVE, MASSIVE CROWD to See Trump in Orlando – 10,000+ Pack CFE Arena

trump rally florida
The line to get into the Trump Orlando rally today was 10 blocks long.

The program began today about 1:20 p.m. with invocation and prayer that Trump is elected followed by Pledge of Allegiance.
Then crowd salutes to veterans and first responders, respectively. Media stood and was respectful.

The arena is filling up nicely.


The CFE Arena has a seating capacity of 10,000 – the seats are full… AND THE FLOOR IS NEARLY FULL!

Crowd was doing the wave with their Trump signs for a while.

Woman gospel host from Florida speaking about her long friendship with Trump and his family, testifying to his Christian faith.

Talking about Trump’s kindness to workers and charity to spiritual ministries.

Next speaker GOP campaign lawyer who worked on Bush and first Romney campaigns. Crowd booed every mention of Romney.

Next speaker is New Hampshire state rep and Marine vet Al Baldasaro whom TGP interviewed last month.

Next speaker is Sarah Blackwell who represents American Disney workers fired and forced to replace foreign replacement workers.

Explains that workers are forced to sign severance agreement that makes them train foreign replacements.

Brings up Marco Rubio (crowd boos) supporting bringing in more foreign workers. Same with Hillary Clinton, says “Hillary Clinton is in bed with these Indian companies.”

Intros two clients who were forced to train foreign replacements on H1B visas.

Laura Wilkerson is the next speaker. Her son Joshua Wilkerson who was killed by an illegal alien Dreamer. She describes seeing her son’s body bound and burned.

laura wilkerson

Crowd is listening in appalled silence as she speaks about sitting through trial.

Wilkerson speaks about Rubio’s pro-illegal alien stances and betrayals.
Crowd boos.

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