Unhinged Liberal Author Carl Bernstein: TRUMP is Neo-Fascist, Nativist, Racist, Bigot, Despot (VIDEO)

So this is where the violent anti-Trump mob gets their talking points…
bernstein trump fascist

Far left author Carl Bernstein went on CNN this morning to smear GOP-frontrunner Donald Trump.
Bernstein called Trump a hateful neo-fascist, despot, racist, nativist, bigot.

It’s a difficult term and the term neo, meaning new, has a lot to do with it. A new kind of fascist in our culture. Dealing with an authoritarian demagogic point of view. Nativist, anti-immigrant, racism, bigotry that he appeals to. And I think we need to look to the past. I’m not talking about Hitlerism and genocide. I’m not making a direct parallel to Mussolini. But kind of an American fascism that we haven’t seen before. Different than George Wallace who was merely a racist. This goes to authoritarianism. It goes to despotism. A desire for a strong man who doesn’t trust the institutions of democracy.

Of course, this is pure projection. The fascist brownshirts on the left will not even allow Donald Trump to speak at a rally. Anyone with a smidgen of historical knowledge knows that this is exactly what Hitler and Communists did to their opposition.


But, the Socialist left sees Trump as a threat so they’re throwing everything they can at the Republican leader.
Cruz fans are too stupid to know they are next in line for this if Trump is taken down.

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