Lena Dunham Says She’s Treated Worse By Bernie Supporters THAN CONSERVATIVES

Lena Dunham vote

Hollywood moonbat Lena Dunham is learning that the progressive wing of her party is far meaner and nastier than anyone on the right.

While she’s been campaigning for Hillary Clinton, she claims that she’s been treated worse by Bernie Sanders supporters than any conservative.

FOX News reported:


Lena Dunham discusses ‘hostility’ for backing Hillary Clinton intead of Bernie Sanders

Lena Dunham says that she has received “more hostility” for supporting and campaigning for Hillary Clinton than she has ever gotten from the American right.

“I have received more hostility for voting for a qualified female candidate than I have ever received anywhere from the American right wing,” she said at a Clinton campaign event at NeueHouse in Hollywood.

“The fact that other members of the Democratic Party have spoken to me like I was an ill informed child for voting for someone who represents everything I think this country should be is outrageous.”

Dunham noted that she’s received the “vitriol” via her Instagram feed, where she has posted photos as she campaigned for Clinton in primary states.

She said that she reached a “tipping point” last week when one commenter wrote to her, “Bernie Sanders has done more for feminism than Hillary Clinton has.”

This is similar to what happened in 2008 when the progressive wing of the Democratic Party formed a cult around Obama and were nasty to members of their own party who didn’t get in line.

Everything old is new again.

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