Leftists Upset That Obama’s Supreme Court Pick IS AN OLD WHITE GUY

Merrick Garland

Progressives are rallying around an old white guy for president but that doesn’t count for some strange reason.

For the left, there always has to be something to be outraged about and when it comes to Obama’s pick for the supreme court, he’s just too old and white.

This is from the liberal journal The New Republic:

Why Would Obama Nominate an Old White Guy to the Supreme Court?

President Barack Obama’s decision to nominate Merrick Garland, a 63-year-old white moderate and perennial short-lister, to the Supreme Court, has political junkies and lawyers scratching their heads.

Speculation had swirled for weeks that Obama would select a young, qualified, liberal ethnic minority to fill Antonin Scalia’s vacancy—a decision that would’ve turned the GOP’s promise to obstruct any nominee into a racially fraught proposition, and possibly elicit the same kind of ugly, racially tinged attacks that Justice Sonia Sotomayor faced seven years ago, but this time in an election year.

A conventional wisdom is already forming that Obama chose Garland to wrongfoot Republican senators, who were expecting a more liberal nominee.

Merrick is a liberal nominee, by the way. He has a horrible record on the 2nd Amendment.

The fact that the left doesn’t view him as a liberal is more evidence of how extreme they’ve become.



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