Left Wing Gutter Site GAWKER Ignored The Pleas OF A RAPE VICTIM FOR A NEWS STORY

Gawker editor

The left wing gossip site Gawker is currently being sued by Hulk Hogan for releasing a personal sex tape and as the case unfolds, more damning details about the site are being revealed.

Weasel Zippers reports:

Gawker Editor Blew Off Woman Who Begged Him To Remove Possible Video Of A Rape…

Just when I thought I’d heard the worst of Gawker, this happens

Via NY Post:

Jurors learned Friday in Hulk Hogan’s $100 million privacy suit against Gawker that the gossip site decided to run a story about a very drunk young woman who engaged in sex in a bar bathroom stall — despite frantic pleas by the anonymous college student who may have been raped — because it was “newsworthy” and “the truth, which can be hurtful.”

Hulk Hogan’s lawyers presented the evidence by reading 2010 emails between ex-Gawker editor A.J. Daulerio, when he was working for the company’s sports site Deadspin, and the Bloomington, Ind., woman.

“I’m writing in regard to having the post be removed from the website,” the unidentified co-ed wrote to Gawker. “I’m asking you to cease and desist the use of that video. I am the girl in it and it was stolen from me and put up without my permission,” she explained of the May 2010 post.



Tell us more about the “War on Women” liberals.


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