SICK. Kid Gets Tooth Knocked Out for Wearing #Trump T-Shirt=> Anti-Trump Crowd Cheers

So a kid named Emanuel got jumped this week for wearing a Trump T-shirt at school.
He posted photos of the bloody bathroom.

bloody bathroon

He also posted a photo of his tooth that got knocked out during the assault.

Here he is after the brutal assault.
tooth knocked out trump


The #NeverTrumpers (Cruz supporters, black lives matter, Bernie Supporters and liberals) mocked the boy on Twitter.

What a wonderful way to start my day!

Well what did you learn?

I mean…someone feels bad for you. not me but someone.

How Awful. Now Imagine Being Killed For Being Black.

i don’t encourage violence like this, but i definitely don’t feel bad for you


Assuming this is true, we should smash fascists in bigger numbers
This kind of thing just fuels their victim complex

And anti-trump protestors get jumped for standing with signs in PEACE. 🙃 think we’re even.

While normally I wouldn’t promote violence, u my friend, had this one coming to u

finally high school students doing something right

but did you die tho? ok then

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