ISIS or GOP? Jeb Bush PAC Kept ‘Box of Severed Trump Heads’ in Office

The Right to Rise PAC that raised and spent over $100 million in a failed effort to secure the Republican presidential nomination for former Florida Governor Jeb Bush kept a box of severed Donald Trump heads from pinatas in the PAC’s Los Angeles office, according to a a lengthy post-mortem report in The Weekly Standard.

Businessman Trump pushed low-energy Bush out of the GOP race before the contest reached Bush’s home state of Florida where he faced certain defeat.

“The primaries countdown clock is now permanently set to zero. And next to it hangs a large Donald Trump piñata that is fitted with real Marco Rubio ankle-boots, the metrosexual atrocities Rubio was caught wearing that look like something Deney Terrio would sport on an old episode of Dance Fever. In a box nearby are the severed heads of previous Trump piñatas. Right to Rise was pilloried by conservative media types for not going after Trump hard enough. But staffers have clearly been squaring accounts behind closed doors.”

Right to Rise was headed by GOP consultant Mike Murphy who gave several interviews to the Weekly Standard for the article.

trump head pinata
Featured image from December 2015 Trump pinata bashing at a Portland, Oregon deli.

Should the Secret Service investigate?

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