EXCLUSIVE: Unhinged Janesville Teen Admits “I Deserved That” After Getting Maced (VIDEO)


The Janesville teen who attacked an elderly man and was promptly maced admitted “I deserved that” on camera moments after the incident.

A longer version of this exclusive clip (seen below) appears to indicate the first person to make contact was the teen herself. At the 22 second mark she lowers her sign and surges forward, making contact with the elderly man.

The elderly quickly raises his hands to avoid all contact with the teen.

This video would seem to back up the elderly man’s version of events. Maybe now dishonest media and Never Trumpers will stop destroying the reputation of an innocent elderly man. He’s the real victim of this story.

Filmakers Jeremy Segal and I documented the protests, and are able to bring you this video curtesy of eye witness Samantha Petty.

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