ISIS Posts Info of 70 New Jersey Police Officers

ISIS released information online of 70 New Jersey police officers.
isis new jersey

The Islamic State released home addresses, phone numbers and station locations of 70 employees online.

The Daily Mail reported:


ISIS hackers have threatened 55 New Jersey police officers by releasing their names, addresses, telephone numbers and working locations online.

The Caliphate Cyber Army (CCA), an ISIS-affiliated group of hackers that largely focuses on defacing websites and spreading propaganda, released an Excel spreadsheet containing the details of 55 New Jersey Transit Authority police Wednesday.

The Daily Mail understands that the information — which lists the details of employees from a probationary police officer up to a number of captains — was obtained by hackers on February 26 from a uniform laundering list.

Many of the addresses associated with the officers are station houses and headquarters, but when put into Google Street View, many others show residential homes. Telephone numbers include officers’ cellphones.

Other data included in the spreadsheet comprises officers’ ranks, employee numbers and working locations.

The file was uploaded to an Arabic-language file sharing site on Wednesday. By Saturday morning it had been downloaded 300 times.

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