CHAOS AT TRUMP RALLY Hundreds of Far Left Protesters Taunt Trump Supporters, Stomp on Flag – 34 Arrests in StL (VIDEO)

Donald Trump held a rally today at the Peabody Opera House in St. Louis, Missouri.
91 year-old conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly endorsed Donald Trump to start out the rally.

It was like a rock concert!
Inside the Peabody at least 15 scattered far left protesters interrupted Trump several times during his speech.
trump rally wave
Donald Trump had supporters wave goodbye at the far left protesters.

Trump mocked the protesters as they were cuffed and taken outside.

Outside the concert hall far left protesters stomped on the American flag and screamed profanities.

The protesters taunted the Trump supporters.

There were 34 reported arrests inside and outside the rally today.
Obviously, the left is very threatened of Donald Trump.

The Black Lives Matter protesters were screaming at an lunging at police.
(Video below)

This group jeered the Trump supporters as they left the building today.

UPDATE– I gave my best to the protesters on my way out…

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