Hillary Thinks Endorsements From Foreign Leaders Will Help Her BEAT TRUMP (VIDEO)

Hillary foreign leaders

At a Democrat town hall event on CNN last night, Hillary Clinton described part of her plan to defeat Donald Trump in November which apparently includes support from foreign leaders.

Twitchy reported:

WATCH: Hillary Clinton’s secret strategy to beat @RealDonaldTrump involves endorsements from foreign leaders

First Hillary Clinton told a woman at the Dem town hall tonight that was hurt by Obamacare to “keep shopping.” Then she cackled at the thought of coal miners losing their jobs. And now this…

“I am already receiving messages from leaders — I’m having foreign leaders ask if they can endorse me to stop Donald Trump.”

Clinton actually believes that voters care what foreign leaders think about who is best to lead America and stop Donald Trump?

Here’s the video:


Great plan, Hillary. Run with that.


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