Hillary Clinton OPENLY ADMITS She Knew Her Phone Could Be HACKED (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton interview

Hillary Clinton knew that her cell-phone could be hacked while she was at the State Department but continued to use it to send and receive sensitive information.

Newsmax reports:

In a video from 2014, Hillary Clinton notes the risks she took when using a BlackBerry device in China and Russia, says a report in the Daily Caller.

In the video, she reveals the measures she and her staff took in China and Russia to avoid being hacked.

Her emails released by the State Department show that she sent at least 36 emails during trips China, Vietnam, and Russia, according to a report in the Daily Caller.

In the video, Clinton said she couldn’t take computers or personal devices off the plane because hackers were “so good. They’d penetrate them in a minute. Less. A nanosecond.”

Great. So now we know that some of our enemies have our classified intel.


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