GOP Elites Spent $67 Million on Attack Ads Against Donald Trump and Got Nothing

GOP elites, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and their Super PACs blew $67 million on attack ads against Donald Trump.

The Rubio campaign even ran disgusting and dishonest KKK ads against Donald Trump in Missouri and Florida.
Rubio quit the race – but his KKK ad is still running.

National Review ran a special issue with noted anti-Trump conservatives to bash Donald Trump.
national review trump hit


The nonstop attacks against Donald Trump by Republican elites is unprecedented.
Never before did a party work so hard and spend so much to take down that party’s frontrunner.

None of it worked.
Donald Trump is still in first place – by a lot.

FOX 40 reported:

The way Donald Trump tells it, he was watching television with corporate bigwigs at his golf course when an ad criticizing him popped up.

“They came in waves, one after another after another and it was brutal,” he said earlier this month after he won the Florida primary.

The GOP front-runner was witnessing what voters in states across the country have seen, a slice of the more than 53,000 anti-Trump ads, many of them courtesy of Republicans, according to data from the ad tracking firm Kantar Media/CMAG.

Altogether, the barrage has cost just shy of $67 million as of Tuesday.

The ads hit Trump seemingly from every angle: his past support for Democrats and Democratic views, his temperament and judgment, and his business use of eminent domain and bankruptcy. But as some Republicans brainstorm ways to disrupt Trump’s march to the GOP nomination, it is increasingly clear that the attacks have failed to stop Trump.

For much of the campaign, a super PAC supporting former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush led the ad campaign against Trump. Right to Rise USA spent at least $9.6 million on the effort, even running a rare two-minute long ad with a montage of some of Trump’s most controversial campaign moments. (The spot aired six times for New Hampshire voters, according to Kantar Media.)

But when Bush dropped out in February, Conservative Solutions PAC — a group supporting Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida — kicked into overdrive. At that point, it already spent around $3 million against Trump. But over the next month, it blasted out $16.7 million in anti-Trump ads, according to the Kantar Media data.

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