“Nazi Scum Out!!” Trump Supporters Threatened in Florida Neighborhood

nazi trump vandalism

Several Trump supporting families in Orlando, Florida were told to ‘get out’ of their neighborhoods by vandals who spray-painted profane, anti-Trump statements on the pavement in front of their homes. The families displayed Donald Trump for president signs outside their home.

“Nazi Scum Out!!”; “KKK Ou!!” (sic); “F*** Trump”. Those were the messages spray-painted in large red letters in front of two houses in a College Park neighborhood in Orlando that were discovered Wednesday morning.

WKMG-TV reported at least one of the threatened Trump supporters is not intimidated.


“”It’s a violation, but it’s not just a violation to me,” Pati Jaeger said. “It’s a violation to everyone. It’s a violation to everyone that believes in their civil liberties.”

…”Jaeger said she’s not intimidated by the words and that she will continue to openly support Trump.

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