Gay Conservative Milo Yiannopoulos Makes the Case FOR TRUMP’S PRESIDENCY (VIDEO)

Milo on Trump

Milo Yiannopoulos is a very smart, young, gay libertarian leaning conservative who has been very outspoken about his support for Donald Trump who he often jokingly refers to as “Daddy.”

In the video below, he is interviewed by Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report about why he supports Trump and he makes a very compelling case.

Here’s a sample of what he says:


The prospect of a Trump presidency terrifies not just liberals but conservatives too because he threatens to blow apart the political consensus…

If you believe that not just the left but that the right has lost its way too…

When I see GOP politicians telling CNN reporters, the public doesn’t pick the candidate, we pick the candidate, I just think to myself; You deserve to burn.

The interview is 27 minutes long and be forewarned, there are plenty of four letter words used but it’s worth your time to watch. Yiannopoulos understands the mind of younger voters and fully grasps Trump’s significance as a candidate who is as important politically as he is culturally.

Watch the whole thing below:


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