Former UN Diplomat Richard Grenell: Reuters Hit Piece on Trump “Is a Farce” (VIDEO)

Former diplomat Richard Grenell, who has not backed a Republican candidate for president, told FOX News today that the Reuters report on Donald Trump with anonymous sources was garbage.

Reuters reported today that foreign diplomats are voicing alarm to US officials about Donald Trump. They used anonymous sources for their report.
trump world order

Former UN diplomat Richard Grenell told FOX News the Reuters report was trifling.


“First let me make perfectly clear that I endorse no candidate. I’m not on any team. And as they say I have no dog in this fight. But the idea that foreign diplomats are just now voicing their opinions about the US elections is a farce. Reuters news agency should know better. They didn’t quote a single person. It was all anonymous sources… let me tell you international diplomats love to talk American politics.

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