Focus Group Member: Clinton is the worst liar I’VE EVER SEEN (VIDEO)

Focus Group Member

Democrats may regret putting so much trust in Hillary Clinton because many average Americans certainly don’t. The woman in the video below speaks for a lot of people.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

CBS Focus Group Member Calls Clinton ‘Worst Liar I Think I’ve Ever Seen’

In the clip played on Face The Nation, Luntz asked his focus group what they found wrong with Clinton’s statement.

“You could turn off the sound and still see on her face that she was lying,” a Republican woman said. “She was the worst liar I think I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“She lied about lying,” another woman said, as the group laughed.

The focus group, conducted earlier this week, consisted of Florida voters opposed to both Clinton and Republican Donald Trump. Both candidates are the frontrunners for their party’s respective nominations.

Watch the video:

That pretty much sums it up.