FLASHBACK: Reagan Trailed Carter 58% to 33% in March 1980

Republican elites are very concerned this year that Donald Trump can not beat Hillary Clinton or Socialist Bernie Sanders in a general election.

You hear the establishment types talk about it almost every day on the FOX News Channel.

For his part, Donald Trump says he has not “even started” on hitting the Clintons.


But, back in December, Donald Trump took a few swipes at Hillary Clinton after she said he was sexist.

Hillary’s polling numbers immediately tanked.
hillary tanks
Hillary’s lead dropped nearly 13 points in the first week of January via Real Clear Politics.

Back in March 1980 the establishment the establishment said the same thing about Ronald Reagan.
They said he could never defeat Jimmy Carter.

He was too divisive.

Reagan trailed Carter by 15 points in February-March 1980.
reagan carter polls

Reagan came back and won in a 44 state landslide.

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