Figures. Anti-Trump Protester Who Got Stomped on at Tucson Rally Is Bernie Supporter

This won’t make any headlines.

A black Trump supporter in Tucson STOMPED an anti-Trump protester at the Donald Trump rally on Saturday.
One of the anti-Trump supporters was wearing a KKK hood the other was carrying a mass-produced Confederate sign when they were escorted from the rally.
That’s when an African-American Trump supporter STOMPED On one of the protesters.
hoods rally

The Trump supporter beat one of the protesters on the ground and stomped on him.
trump supporter beat down

Trump supporter Tony Pettway stomped on far left activist Bryan Sanders as he taunted the crowd with Confederate and KKK symbols.

The protester Bryan Sanders posed with his mass produced Trump sign before the rally.
bryan sanders trump sign

And Bryan Sanders attended the much smaller Bernie Sanders rally the night before.


Posted by Bryan Sanders on Friday, March 18, 2016

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