Female ISIS Supporter Knifes Police Officer in Hannover, Germany

isis germany stabbing
15 year-old Muslim girl stabs German police officer in the neck for ISIS.

Bild reported, translated at Vlad Tepes:

The bloody knife attack on a police officer in Hannover was a terror attack of a young 15 year old ISIS follower. Because she couldn’t fight in Syria with ISIS, she wanted to kill a cop. It was a malevolent attack.

On friday two federal police officers wanted to control a student with a hijab at the main train station. A speaker for the police told BILD: “Her eyes followed the police with a glaring stare. You can see that on the surveillance video. That was why our colleagues decided to control her.”

When the student was spoken to, she first silently handed over her ID to the cops.

Speaker: “When the officer then turned slightly to his side, to control her ID, she stabbed the officer with a knife in her right hand, with lightning speed. The officer had no chance to defend himself, he was specifically targeted. And now we know: an islamist attack on our police.”

The other police officer was able to thwart the attempted flight of the offender and he subdued her.

His colleague underwent emergency surgery. The six centimeters long knife penetrated his neck deeply. The speaker: “It is a miracle he survived.”

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