Federal Government Conveniently Fails to Hire Enough Staffers To Sort HILLARY’S EMAILS

hillary laughing2

How ironic is it that the federal government lacks the staff to actually sort through Hillary Clinton’s emails?

Surely, this was an honest mistake. Right?

The Washington Times reports:

The State Department is still struggling to hire enough staffers to review all of the open-records requests being filed for emails and other documents from former Secretary Hillary Clinton and her top aides, the department acknowledged in a court filing Monday night.

Department officials had promised U.S. District Judge Rudolph Contreras that they would try to hire 50 screeners by February but had just 35 on board as of the end of last week. It hired 39 in total, but four screeners have left the job, Benjamin C. Mizer, the principal deputy attorney general, said in court papers.

 Somehow in this one aspect of the government, they can’t find enough staffers? Are we supposed to believe this?

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