Enthusiasm for Grandma Hillary Continues to Slide=> Trump Had More Votes Than Hillary in Missouri, Ohio

Enthusiasm for Grandma Hillary continues to slide.
Democrats are worried.

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Donald J. Trump had more votes than Hillary Clinton in Missouri AND Ohio on Tuesday even though he was competing against three others and she was competing against one old Commie.
The Huffington Post reported:

Tuesday was a very good day for Hillary Clinton. She swept primary challenger Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in five states, effectively ending his chances of securing the Democratic presidential nomination. But buried within the clear victory was a troubling trend for the party front-runner: She is doing a terrible job turning out voters, particularly in the states that will matter most in a November matchup against Donald Trump.

More people voted for Trump than for Clinton in two states Tuesday night — Missouri and Ohio. In Florida, Clinton edged Trump by a nose — less than 2 percent. Clinton had only one other candidate splitting the Democratic vote in a contested election, while Trump was embroiled in a four-way contest that factionalized Republican voters. In Ohio, Trump bested Clinton by about 50,000 votes despite coming in second in the GOP contest to John Kasich, the state’s current governor. In Missouri, both Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) bested Clinton’s vote total by nearly 20 percent.

Enthusiasm for Clinton appears to have plummeted from the levels she enjoyed in 2008, when she defeated Barack Obama in both the Florida and Ohio primaries. Clinton had 44 percent fewer supporters in Ohio this time around than she did eight years ago. Combine Clinton and Sanders’ Ohio numbers from Tuesday night and they still do not eclipse Clinton’s showing in the state from 2008.

Since Florida, Missouri and Ohio are traditionally swing states in the general election, these results should be causing some worry at the Democratic National Committee — Ohio most of all.

Trump had more votes than Hillary in Ohio even though he finished second.
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Trump and Ted Cruz both had more votes than Hillary Clinton in Missouri.
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