Dr. Keith Ablow: I Was “SHOCKED – THROWN BACK” that Cruz and Rubio Blame Trump for Violent Protesters (VIDEO)

Dr. Keith Ablow weighed in on the violent protesters who shut down the Trump rally, harassed families, and blocked an ambulance to the hospital last night in Chicago.

Dr. Ablow was shocked with Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio’s response to the violence.

Listen, Donald Trump is very plainspoken. And, he does intend to change things. And if we thought that change would come without any disruption that’s not going to happen. Because Barack Obama promised to give this country away, to dissolve its borders, to weaken it, and people got used to that. And they figured they could have what they want and there wouldn’t be any rules. And when you try to discipline people and reinstate a country people are going to object if they’ve been infantilized.

…And I have to say, for Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio to essentially rubber-stamp the idea that free speech should be shut down because a candidate that they don’t like that he has said things in a very plainspoken manner just SHOCKED ME. I was like thrown back in my seat. What? Like they’re saying it’s a man’s responsibility because he spoke out plainly that people become violent?

Via FOX and Friends:

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