Dr. Ben Carson: GOP Elites and Pundits Have Offered Me Cash, Political Support to Quit Race

Dr. Ben Carson says he intends to stay in the GOP race even if he doesn’t take home any delegates on Super Tuesday.

The doctor plans on staying in the race until a candidate reaches the 1,237 delegates needed for a victory.

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Conditional Conservative Erick Erickson said Carson was dropping out today.


Erick was wrong.

Carson told reporters this weekend that Republican pundits and elites have told him to bow out and he has even been promised cash and political support if he would leave the race.
The Dallas News reported:

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson told supporters Saturday that he has heard plenty of calls to drop out of the Republican presidential primary.

Some “special interests” have even made personal appeals to him, he said.

“I’ve got unanswered calls on my phone right now, ‘Oh, if you did this or did this, and did this, or if you drop out and support this guy, we’ll give you all this money and we’ll make sure you’re a senator here,’” Carson said. “What a bunch of crap. This is about saving our nation. This is not about horse-trading and making deals.”

Carson told a reporter afterward that he wasn’t going to say who called him, but said his reaction is those people can “go jump in a lake.”

The one-time Iowa frontrunner vowed to fight on days before the Texas primary, where polls show him in a battle with Ohio Gov. John Kasich for a distant fourth place in a field of five contenders. And in his speech at the Northeast Tarrant County Tea Party event, Carson continued to zig as his Republican rivals zag.

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