Donald Trump on Brussels Attacks: “THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING. It Will Get Worse Because We are Lax and Foolish” (VIDEO)

At least 34 people are dead in rush hour attacks in Brussels, Belgium.
brussels bomb

At least 34 are dead:
— 14 at airport
— 20 at Metro

The airport bombing was a suicide attack.


Donald Trump weighed in on the horrific attacks Tuesday morning.

Do you all remember how beautiful and safe a place Brussels was. Not anymore, it is from a different world! U.S. must be vigilant and smart!

Posted by Donald J. Trump on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Donald Trump went on FOX and Friends and predicted more attacks:

“In my opinion is this is going to get worse and worse because we are lax and foolish. At this point we cannot allow these people to come in this country.”

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