DISGUSTING! HUNDREDS of Anti-Trump Protesters Taunt Jews at AIPAC With Nazi Imagery

Up to one thousand anti-Trump protesters gathered outside of the Washington DC Convention Center for Donald Trump’s speech at the AIPAC Policy Conference.

The AIPAC Policy Conference is the pro-Israel community’s preeminent annual gathering. The event attracts more than 16,000 community and student activists from all 50 states.

Donald Trump is speaking at the conference on Monday night.


Already, hundreds of angry anti-Trump protesters have gathered outside the convention center.

Andrew Marcus, producer of Hating Breitbart, and Jeremy Segal, of Rebel Pundit are covering the protests.

** Check out their amazing coverage at the Chicago UIC protests.

The anti-Trump protesters are taunting the Jewish audience with Nazi imagery.

Here’s another Nazi sign.

Still more…

The protesters are not shy about taunting the pro-Israel attendees with Nazi imagery.

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