Dennis Miller: I’m Embarrassed for Mitt Romney and What He’s Done (VIDEO)

Dennis Miller dissed Hillary Clinton again this week on The O’Reilly Factor.
He also went after Mitt Romney after his unprecedented attacks on GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

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Dennis Miller: You know if Trump wanted to get everybody off his back tomorrow as far as being violent he ought to convert to Islam. Cause it appears to me nobody can say anything when it’s violent over on that end of it. But if Trump says something, he’s Hitler. The country has gone mad.

And, when Paul Ryan announced today that he, in essence it appeared to me that he was jumping in the race. Can I tell you something, Paul. You seem like a nice enough kid, but you know why people are pissed off? The GOP is now Chipotle. You are making your customers sick. That’s why they’re pissed off…

…By the way, I thought I knew Mitt. I don’t know Mitt. I’m not trying to say we’re friends but my, I’m embarrassed for him and what he’s done. Listen he had his chance. I like what Bush did when he’s done he goes away and he shuts up. Listen, Mitt is a nice man. He ran a bad race. he ought to let this thing go forward. We’ll see who has the most votes and let them be the president… For him to get involved to this extent so early I want to say, “Boy, I don’t remember you being this active when you ran.”

Via The O’Reilly Factor:

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