Dem Civil War: ‘Hillary Won Confederacy’ Says Sanders Supporters Progressive Democrats of America

Shots fired! Bernie Sanders support group Progressive Democrats of America sent out an email after Tuesday’s primaries this week that has caused a civil war on the Left by stating that “Hillary won the Confederacy”.

PDA compounded the controversy by attacking and blocking liberal critics–including a Black woman who called out the group.

PDA has five Democrat Members of Congress on its advisory board, none are from the South: Rep. John Conyers (MI), Rep. Barbara Lee (CA), Rep. Raul Grijalva (AZ), Rep. Keith Ellison (MN) and Rep. Jim McGovern (MA).


Hillary Won the Confederacy Twitter

A screen capture of the PDA email has been posted online by many on the Left including Greg Pinelo, a Democrat strategist and Obama presidential campaign ad maker who called on Sanders to denounce the email by his supporters.

“This is outrageous and the Sanders campiagn (sic) should repudiate it.”

Pinelo added:

“Sanders backers saying “the Confederacy shouldn’t get to choose our President:” In Dem primaries, you’re talking about black people. Stop it.”

The screen capture was made by a Hillary Clinton supporter and self-describe Democrat politico, Chase Williams, from an email sent to him by PDA.

“I’m really disappointed that @pdamerica would marginalize @HillaryClinton’s wins to “the confederacy”. #ImWithHer “

Williams later reported PDA had apologized.

I have been in contact w/ @pdamerica: “This is poor form & won’t happen again.” I applaud them for owning their mistake.”

PDA defended itself on Twitter, alternately apologizing, arguing, chastising and blocking critics–and then retweeting a disparaging comment on the Clintons and the Confederacy.

“We already apologized. Please be fair! Which Hillary Clinton mistake are you talking about @geokaren? @word_34”

[email protected]_34 @geokaren @JChaseWilliams
No offense intended. We recognize legit. concerns re: emotionally charged term “Confederacy” & apologize”

PDA first chastised and then blocked a liberal Black woman who criticized the group.

[email protected] we agree, we apologized, but now you’re posting it on Twitter! Why? We didn’t do that.
Moving on now.”

[email protected] Saying I live in the Confederacy, & blocking me on Twitter is a GREAT way to win my young, Black vote 👍🏾 “

In the midst of apologizing, PDA appeared to double down by retweeting this comment on the Clintons and the Confederacy:

“@leahmcelrath @pdamerica That would be the same Confederacy Bill used to celebrate maybe ask Hillary what it means? …”

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