Cruz Supporter Katie Pavlich Jumps Shark – Blames Trump for Violent, Leftist, Vulgar Protesters (VIDEO)

The unification of the leftist media, FOX News and Cruz supporters continues.
(Until Trump is destroyed, of course.)


It’s been really sad to see formerly respected conservative journalists lose all perspective of reality.
And now they’re even siding with violent leftist protesters.

Katie Pavlich, a devoted Ted Cruz supporter and member of the National Review 22, joined Ted Cruz on Monday and blamed Donald Trump for the violent, racist, vulgar protesters who disrupt his rallies, prevent him from exercising his Constitutional rights and attack his supporters.


Katie also smeared Trump campaign manager Corey Lewindowski. She accused Corey of assaulting former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields even after video refutes Michelle’s entire claim that she was targeted by Corey.

It’s a sad day when formerly trusted journalists are siding with violent Communists due to their hatred for Donald Trump and his supporters.
Very sad.

Is this Trump’s fault, Katie?

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