Reporter Stunned When Republican Correctly Says Hillary Started Obama Birtherism (VIDEO)

CNN reporter stunned

It’s well established that questions about Obama’s birthplace began in the Clinton campaign when things got ugly during the 2008 Democratic primary. Now the media is pretending that never happened.

A Republican from John Kasich’s campaign was recently on CNN and the reporter tried to bait him into bashing Donald Trump but he correctly pointed out the facts and the reporter was stunned.

NewsBusters reported:


CNN Anchor Taken Aback When GOP Guest Ties Clinton Camp to Birtherism

After recounting that Kasich’s campaign has been mostly positive, Borges brought up Clinton supporters from 2008 having pushed birtherism:

All those things you brought up were actually created by the Democrats, were created by Hillary Clinton in 2008, and some of the wild things that Donald Trump says, we just don’t think are representative of our party-

A confused Harlow, who seemed unfamiliar with the reports about Clinton supporters raising similar issues against Obama in 2008, struggled to jump in:

What? What? Wait, wait. What, what do you, wait, what do you mean? What do you — what do you mean? What do you mean when you say those were created by Hillary Clinton? What do you mean?

Borges explained:

I mean the, I mean the birther movement. I mean, I mean the birther movement. I mean the notion that somehow Barack Obama was a secret Muslim. … Those things came out of the 2008 very ugly Democratic primary that went on on their side that lasted until June, and then of course Barack Obama became their nominee and then ended up winning the presidency, so-

Watch the video:

It’s like this reporter just started paying attention to politics last month.



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