China VOWS To Not Accept Any Muslim Refugees And Here’s Why

chinese refugees

Just like Donald Trump says, the Chinese may have corrupt, despicable leaders, but they are laughing at the rest of the world.

Refugee Resettlement Watch reports:

Why aren’t the Chinese on the bandwagon for multiculturalism and “inclusion?”  The most important reason may well be the last one given in this very informative story:

China’s narrative of nationhood is more static and exclusive. It emphasizes shared history and common heritage.

Clearly they haven’t fallen for the ‘diversity is strength’ meme unlike the political Left (their soulmates) in America and in Europe!

Here are a few snips about some of the other reasons they are NOT WELCOMING the stranger.

First, Chinese leaders say the turmoil in the Middle East is our fault:

Chinese authorities argue that Western countries caused the meltdown in Syria that resulted in the mass exodus, making its resolution their responsibility.

Should America be following their lead?

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