Can’t Make This Up=> Hillary ‘s Anti-Trump Ad Includes Her Laughing Hysterically During Benghazi Testimony

Donald Trump fired the first shot at Hillary Clinton this week with this epic online ad:
“Is this what we for a President”

Is this what we want for a President?

Is this what we want for a President?

Posted by Donald J. Trump on Wednesday, March 16, 2016

In response the HIllary Clinton Super PAC Priorities USA released this ad.


The ad includes a Donald Trump interview from MSNBC and a clip of Hillary Clinton laughing — during her testimony on the Benghazi massacre.

The clip of Hillary laughing is from her Benghazi testimony.
hillary benghazi

The segment they put in the ad is Hillary Clinton laughing while testifying about the Benghazi massacre.

Four Americans were slaughtered by terrorists and Hillary blamed it on a YouTube video.

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