Oops! Brussels Ran Ad #CallBrussels in January Mocking Notion of Terror Attack (Video)

After Brussels was linked to terror plots in November, the international media portrayed the city as a war zone.
That’s because several of the Paris ISIS terrorists were from Brussels.
They slaughtered 130 people in neighboring France.
paris video

In January visit.brussels decided to change that perception.
Via Mediaite:

The group created #CallBrussels—-


We gave people in Brussels the opportunity to tell how life really is in the city.

From 7 January to 11 January, 12688 phone calls were made from 154 countries. The campaign was exported to the entire world: from neighbouring countries to The United States, Japan, Brazil and even Australia. 74 % were international phone calls.

The action was also widely followed on social media. The hashtag #CallBrussels was used all over the world and became the most popular hashtag in Belgium at its launch. Over 9,317,000 people have seen the hashtag.

The group ran this ad in January.

Tonight the Brussels Group’s website got some feedback on their ad campaign.
Here are a few of the comments posted after the Belgium bombings.
comments ads

brussels bomb 3

Still more…
brussels bomb 4

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