Breaking: Trump Stalker Who Stormed Stage in Ohio Will Face Federal Charges

The anti-Trump protester – Thomas Dimassimo – who jumped the security fence and stormed Donald Trump on stage in Dayton, Ohio posted threatening tweets on Twitter last week.
Via Danger and Play:
bando tweet4

Dimassimo, a Bernie Sanders supporter, wanted to be a martyr.
bando martyr

For some reason the media did not blame Bernie for this loon’s violent actions. They only do this to Trump and his supporters.


His Twitter account has since been erased.
bando tweet
On Thursday Tom Dimassimo threatened to attend Saturday rally and spit on Trump.

bando 2

bando 3
Via Mike Cernovich

On Sunday night CNN gave this violent crazy man a voice on national TV.

It looks like this dangerous loon will face federal charges.
The Dayton Daily News reported:

Thomas DiMassimo’s attorney does not think his client will be charged in state court, but that the federal misdemeanor charge will go forward.

“I don’t think he’s going to be charged in both jurisdictions,” said Jon Paul Rion, who added that he didn’t think DiMassimo would be in Dayton Municipal Court on Tuesday. “It’s clear that Thomas is simply a college student who, in his mind, was simply engaging in a form of political speech and making a statement, in his own mind.

“He is not a member of any organization. Those statements (of DiMassimo’s possible ties to ISIS) are completely without basis.”

The federal crime DiMassimo is accused of carries a one-year maximum sentence after a conviction. If a weapon had been used or serious physical injuries had been suffered, there could have been a 10-year maximum.

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