TED CRUZ GOES OFF! Calls DONALD TRUMP “Sniveling Coward!” in War Over Wives (VIDEO)

After picking fight with Donald Trump – TED CRUZ LOSES IT!

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz exchanged barbs on Twitter Tuesday night after a pro-Cruz PAC ran an ad targeting Trump’s wife Melania.

The ad was released by the Make America Awesome PAC and first reported by Buzzfeed on Monday. The group, headed by Liz Mair, says it is targeting Mormon voters with the Facebook ads.
The ad showed Melania Trump from a GQ photo-shoot.
melania ad cruz


In response to the ad, Donald Trump tweeted a warning to Ted Cruz.

Trump added this warning: “Be careful Lyin’ Ted, or I will spill the beans on your wife.”

Then on Wednesday, Heidi Cruz attacked Donald Trump saying, “Most of the things he says are not based in reality.”

Heidi Cruz: As you probably know by now most of the things Donald Trump says are not based on reality. I have one job in this campaign and that is helping Ted win this race.”

Last night Donald Trump responded to the Cruz family attacks by retweeting this photo of Melania Trump and Heidi Cruz.

Today Ted Cruz went off on Donald Trump during an interview– “Sniveling Coward!… Leave Heidi the hell alone!”

Evidently, it’s only OK for the Cruz’s to attack.
It’s not OK for Donald Trump to respond.

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