VIDEO=> Paul Ryan SCOLDS Donald Trump on ‘Violence’ Statements – “Nobody Should Say Such Things”

Speaker Paul Ryan lectured Donald Trump again today after the GOP front-runner said riots would erupt if GOP elites try to steal the nomination from him in Cleveland.

Today Ryan scowled and told reporters,

“Nobody should say such things, in my opinion, because to even address or hint to violence is unacceptable.”

(Starting at 7:16 mark)

Ryan has criticized Donald Trump several times during the campaign including calling on Trump supporters to control their “violent outbursts” at rallies when 95% of the violence has been perpetrated by far left goons.
The Politico reported:

It’s becoming more and more clear: Donald Trump and Paul Ryan simply don’t see eye to eye.

Ryan on Thursday criticized Trump for saying riots would erupt if the New York billionaire didn’t become the nominee. At the same news conference, Ryan said it “could very well become a reality” that the 2016 GOP convention in Cleveland is contested.

If you’re keeping count at home, Ryan has now criticized Trump for his apparent hesitance in distancing himself from former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke; said the candidate’s call to ban Muslims from entering the United States was wrong; and remarked that Trump should do more to control violent outbursts at his political events.

On Thursday, Ryan put more space between himself and Trump.

“Nobody should say such things, in my opinion, because to even address or hint to violence is unacceptable,” Ryan said, when asked about Trump’s prediction of rioting if someone else becomes the nominee.

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