BREAKING: Rubio Spox Blames DIRTY CRUZ CAMP For Spreading False Rumors That He’s Leaving Race (VIDEO)

Caitlin Conant, spokeswoman for the Rubio campaign, blamed the Cruz Campaign for spreading the rumor that Marco Rubio is dropping out of the race.

rubio camp cruz lies

CNN reported Monday that Rubio advisors were telling Marco to get out of the race before he gets crushed.

Caitlin Conant blamed the Cruz camp for spreading the rumor like they did with Ben Carson in Iowa.


It’s totally false and completely reckless of CNN to do that without reaching out to the campaign first. I know you and FOX would never do that and go to air with something that is just wrong. And I don’t know who’s pushing it out but I can tell you that Ted Cruz today has been spreading it around because they’re scared that Marco Rubio is going to win Florida. And it’s the same kind of nonsense he did to Ben Carson.

In February the Cruz Camp spread lies that Dr. Ben Carson was leaving the race before the Iowa Caucus. Dr. Carson never recovered from the dirty trick.

Via America’s Newsroom:

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