CUBAN MISTRESS CRISIS=> Anonymous Claims They HAVE PROOF of Cruz Affairs – Rumors Did Not Start with Donald Trump

The National Enquirer published a story this week claiming evidence of multiple sexual trysts by presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz.

On Friday Ted Cruz blamed Donald Trump and his former consultant Roger Stone for the National Enquirer article on his alleged extramarital affairs.
cruz national enquirer

But these rumors did not start with Donald Trump.
The Anonymous hacker group warned Ted Cruz last week to leave the race “or else.”


Anonymous threatened to release information on Cruz with prostitutes if he did not leave the race:

​”Have you heard of the expression “candy wrappers”? Do you recall visiting prostitutes? Mr. Cruz, we are now demanding you exit this race immediately or Anonymous will release all of the information that we have found. Your so-called underground acts that you think were done in the dark, will be brought out for all the public to see. It will be sent to every media outlet to publicize your disgusting behavior. We assure you it will go viral on every social media platforms in a matter of minutes.”

Anonymous posted this threat on Monday.

Anonymous started its #OpCruz campaign about 10 days ago.

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