Rudy Giuliani GOES OFF on Obama: He’s Sitting with a Dictator at Baseball Game While Innocent People are Killed! (VIDEO)

This was incredible!
obama baseball cuba

Rudy Giuliani WENT OFF on weakling Barack Obama Tuesday after he went out to enjoy a baseball game with Marxist tyrant Raul Castro after the Brussels ISIS Bombings.

It’s outrageous that the President of the United States is not in the Situation Room right now planning on how to destroy ISIS… This was an attack on one of our allies. We belong to NATO. And an attack on a NATO ally, in case the president ever read the treaty, is an attack on the United States of America. He has an obligation to defend that country. It’s just like an attack on us. I don’t know if he’s ever read the treaty. The president’s knowledge of history is quite questionable. And, what’s he doing? He’s sitting with a dictator watching a baseball game while innocent people are being killed in a war!… So far his strategy hasn’t been working, right? …The man has no conception of the NATO Treaty and what it entails…

I know what they think of him in Europe. They don’t think we have a president. In Poland they don’t think we have a president!…

…Go tell those people who are dead in Brussels just how well Obama’s policies are working.

Like most Americans, Rudy is fed up!

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