Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is holding a press conference on Thursday before the GOP FOX News debate.
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He will attack Donald Trump – and the millions of voters who support him.

A friend sent this to me today.
It says it all–
Credit to Bob Lonsberry


You’re not fighting Trump.
You’re fighting the people who are voting for him.
The anti-Trump effort being waged by the Republican Party is essentially a fight against democracy.
It’s not that this monster has raised himself up to threaten the ivory castles of the blue bloods, it’s that millions of people have stood up and said, “Enough is enough.”
It is they against whom the GOP establishment is fighting.
And that fight never turns out well.

Donald Trump isn’t Barry Goldwater in 1964, he is Andrew Jackson in 1828. He is going to storm the White House, and he is going to bring his unwashed hordes with him. The Trump campaign is built on the uniquely American premise that the people are sovereign, and that does not jibe with cozy arrangements of the country-club Republicans. For too long, the Republican Party has exploited its constituencies, instead of served them, and the beaten dog is about to bite.

Some have gone off after Ted Cruz, but most have gone off after Donald Trump. Together, something approaching 80 percent of Republican voters thus far this primary season have told the party establishment to pound salt. You have the clueless elite, and then you have the voters who actually care about America.

And they have picked up a baseball bat to drive the money changers from the temple.
It might be Trump who is being slammed upside the GOP head, but it is not Trump doing the slamming. It is the American people. Veterans and taxpayers, moms and dads, young and old. They are tired of being screwed, they are tired of being ignored, they are tired of being played.
And Trump is their tool.
And the Republican Party can resist them at its peril.

Because the people will be heard. In this party, or the other party, or in a new party. In this election, or a future election, but certainly someday they will be heard. What Donald Trump has done is crack open the door of opportunity, he has given the voters a choice other than Party Hack A versus Party Hack B. When you give the people a chance to order something that’s not on the menu, they do it.
Bernie tried on the Democrat side, and has failed.

Trump is trying on the Republican side, and is succeeding.
And the party is losing.

Every time you stand up and tell the voters that they are wrong, every time you disavow the results of your own party’s primaries, every time you pledge to disqualify the candidate backed by the people, you unleash a firestorm of pent-up electoral rage. Traditional Republican voters have been punked by their party in election after election, with promises unkept and problems unsolved for generations on end. They are now joined by new voters who are unaccustomed to docility and disrespect.
And it’s payback time.

While the Republican bosses go on the evening news to say, “Let them eat cake,” Republican voters go to the ballot box and say, “Let them eat lead.” This is one of those elections where they dip their finger in ink and hold it aloft as a sign they’ve voted. Except in this case it’s the middle finger.

And, yes, the goal is the White House, the objective is the federal government. But right now the Republican establishment stands in the way, and it can either be part of the solution or it can be part of the roadkill.
Thus far it seems intent on self-destruction.
And that’s fine by me.
Last night the people spoke, and the Republican bigwigs went into the backrooms to debate brokered conventions and third-party candidacies. Little did they realize that they were writing the last details of their own political obituaries.

Because this isn’t about Trump.
It’s about the people who vote for him, in record numbers. People who have flocked to the Republican ballot box in numbers unknown since the days of Reagan. The pigs at the trough of Republican power are condemning their party in the name of self-interest. They’ve got theirs, and they’ll be damned if anyone else is going to get any.
But they fight the unbeatable foe.
The American people.
The Republican Party is not trying to steal this election from Donald Trump, it is trying to steal it from the American people. It is trying to deny the franchise to those who fail to kiss its arse. It is declaring Trump voters second-class citizens.
And that never ends well.

A fish rots from the head, and all the Republican Party needs is a good decapitation.
Which every party attack on Donald Trump and his voters makes ever more certain.

– by Bob Lonsberry © 2016

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