Black Lives Matter Leader Who Spoke to UN Against Police Violence Vows: “Riots Everywhere if Trump Wins”

On August 9, 2014, Mike Brown was shot dead in Ferguson, Missouri.
brown robbery stroe
Michael Brown robbed a local Ferguson convenience store shortly before his death. Then Brown smashed police officer Darren Wilson in the face and wrestled the officer for his gun before he was shot dead.

Race protesters later rioted and burned down the Ferguson business district.

In November 2014 Ferguson protest leader Tef Poe was flown to the United Nations offices in Geneva, Switzerland. The Ferguson activist-rapper delivered a speech on US police crimes to UN officials before the verdict was announced in the Mike Brown case. Officer Darren Wilson was later exonerated by a local grand jury.

Tef Poe bragged about his appearance in front of the United Nations – “to slap these Ferguson pigs with war crimes and torture charges.”
tef poe UN
From his Instagram account:

If I’m telling you the truth .. yes I am very nervous .Next week we go to the U.N. To slap these Ferguson pigs with war crime charges and torture charges. Shoutout to Justin Hansford for having so much trust in me . Shoutout to Autumn for thugging it out all day with me. Peace to the Brown family for being the strongest people alive at the moment. God Bless their conquest for justice . Next week we testify in front of the U.N. Via Geneva .May the universe bless our efforts .Watch these young black men and women organize . Anything is possible!!!

Today Tef Poe promised mass violence if Donald Trump is elected president.
Via Infowars:
Dear white people….

Tef Poe insists the Black Lives Matter rioters have been too nice.

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